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Yamaha technician and construction

Resume posted by Akim in Industrial.
Desired salary: $ 2,000.00
Desired position type: Any
Location: Anse du Mé Saint Andrew Parish, Dominica

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I am a very quick learning young man
Very observant
Takes my work and tasks serious
I am happy to learn new stuff everyday


I completed 5 years of secondary schooling
I attended the yamaha technical academy i have 5 certified yamaha courses :
* Yta OMDO basic STD course
* Yta OMDO 4ST basic course
* Yta MC bronze course
* Yta marine basic course
* Yta marine bronze course


Company : island water world. Sint maarten
Roll: yamaha technician
Company : Bazil construction
Roll: painting , wood work framing , installing ceilings, sheet rock , partition separation


  • Island water world : 6 months
  • Bazil construction : 3 years


    Team management

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