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Resume posted by ZadieSikeres in Medical.
Desired salary: $ 25,000.00
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I am working as a dentist in the Philippines for 13 years now.


Certificate Program: Basic Training Course in Occupational Dental Health (2016) College of Public Health UP-PGH SEAMEO-TropMed Regional Center for Public Health, Hospital Administration, Environmental and Occupational Health
Certificate Program: Prime Orthodontic Studies and Training Program(2014-2015)
Post Grad Program: Hospital Dentistry Program (Oral Surgery)-2009 at the Metropolitan Medical Centre, Manila
Certificate Program: Phoenix One – Medical Transcription(2007)
Tertiary: Dentistry, Proper
University of the East, Recto Manila 2001-2005
Pre-dentistry: Emilio Aguinaldo College, Manila 1999-2001
High School: St. Scholastica’s College, Manila 1995-1999
Elementary: St. Scholastica’s College, Manila 1988-1995


VILLAREAL DENTAL CLINIC (Feb 2006 – Jun 2007). This was my first assignment upon graduation in the University. The clinic is owned by Dr. Hermogenes Villareal, a renowned dentist, catering to Class A, B, C bracket. I gained exposure in his wide range of practice including hospital dentistry, HMO, private implant practice and hotel practice. 

Phoenix One – Medical Transcription Certificate Program (2007) — I enrolled in a medical transcription certificate program which enhanced not only my proficiency in typing but exposed me more to the different medical terms in the hospital and private medical offices. More importantly, enrolling in the program sharpened my skills in writing SOAP in the dental practice especially in a hospital set up.

DENTAL CITY (July 2007 – Jan 2009). I moved to another clinic to gain wider exposure in the dental field where patient traffic is more active and gave me opportunities to handle more cases.This practice of nine clinics are mostly located in the mall and some in business districts around metro manila. 

METROPOLITAN MEDICAL CENTER — Continuing Education/ Post-Grad Program (Jan 2009 – Nov 2009). I enrolled in Post Graduate Program in Hospital Dentistry to gain exposure in Hospital environment. I was gaining more confidence and skill with the type of cases being handled in the hospital, mostly surgical cases including removal of impacted teeth, retrieval of root fragments lodged into the sinus, removal of cysts and tumors, minor perio-surgical cases, apicoectomy, placement of bone graft, etc. I regularly attend to clinical procedures at Metropolitan Medical Center on Wednesdays even after finishing the program. 

MELANI LOPEZ & CHRISANDRA PABLO DENTAL CLINIC — Co-Owner (Jan 2009 – Dec 2011). After 4 years in the industry, I, together with two schoolmates ventured to set up our own clinic in Burgundy Tower, Makati City. As newcomers in business, we opted to only acquire the RIGHTS of Dr. Chrisandra T. Pablo, located in Burgundy Building, Makati City at a cost of P240,000. I used to be President of the Student Council while my two schoolmates are my council officers. Due to seniority, I have diligently initiated all the negotiations and signing of contracts (Deed of Sale/ Transfer of Rights) under my name which slowly progressed from October 2008 until we formally operated in 2009. After more than three years in the group practice and careful cost-benefit analysis study, I decided to leave the partnership in Dec 2011 but gained the necessary experience in a stand-alone business entity. 
(With the sequence of events, one partner opted to go full time in Call Center Agency while the other partner was enrolled by her parent in Orthodontics for higher studies.) 

iSMILE Dental Clinic (April 2013 – July 2014). Moving up to improve my career, I sought another job in a clinic in Bonifacio Global City. This was my chance again with employment status but in a plush environment where patients are in the higher A-B bracket mostly, catering to pediatric and family dentistry. 

A-Z DENTAL CLINIC — Owner/Single Proprietor (Feb 2011 – Feb 2014). During my stint at Burgundy Tower in Makati, I ventured simultaneously into a solo practice where I did part time to maximize my growing clientele specifically in a mixed of heavily populated business & residential area in Dian, Makati City. Due to unexpected recurring typhoons which were slowly damaging my dental facilities because of repeated floods, I decided to close down after a few years. 

PRIME ORTHODONTICS STUDIES & TRAINING — Continuing Education/ Post-Grad Program (Jun 2014 – Sep 2015) . With due diligence, I decided to enroll in a clinical preceptorship course in Orthodontics in Greenhills, San Juan City under Dr. Romeo N. Jacob, Jr. and was exposed to orthodontic cases.

CERTIFICATE PROGRAM “Basic Training Course in Occupational Dental Health” in College of Public Health UP-PGH SEAMEO-TropMed Regional Center for Public Health, Hospital Administration, Environmental and Occupational Health (May 30 – Jun 3, 2016) — Since I was exposed to doing Annual Physical Exam to BPO employees all around Metro Manila under Dental Health Partners, I took an interest in the field of Occupational Dental Health. I enrolled in the University of the Philippines College of Public Health to broaden my knowledge and skills as a dentist working for an industrial set-up. This endeavor I believe will equip me in performing duties and tasks as an allied medical practitioner in another arm of the dental profession.

JACOB ORTHO-DENTAL OFFICE (Aug 2015 – present). I was hired by my mentor at his office in Greenhills, San Juan City and became one of his associates. I tended to his orthodontic patients and did most of surgical procedures related to orthodontic treatment.

NORTH SMILE (Oct 2015 – present) and I maintained my network of patients through the years and occasionally attend to cases in Quezon City which further enhanced my proficiency.

SACRAMENTO DENTAL CLINIC (Aug 2018 — present) — I work as an on call associate dentist in Tanay, Rizal. I cater to patients with need for oral surgical treatment and orthodontics. 

Spoken Languages

    English and Filipino

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